“Change is the end result of all true learning.” ―LEO BUSCAGLIA

Citi: Learn Everyday

I developed this video at Citi to tell the story of how we learn everyday. It was very successful in helping Citi's people 'learn how to learn'. 

Interview with Wagner Cassimiro - Espresso3 Channel

This is an interview with Wagner Cassimiro of the Espresso3 Channel in Brazil. The interview took place at the 70:20:10 Summit in Edinhoven in 2018. I loved speaking to Wagner about my work around learning culture and continuous learning. Both our wives had just given birth with our first babies so we may have been a bit sleep deprived in this video!


This is a whitepaper that I co-wrote with Charles Jennings which documents the award winning appraoch I took to transform learning at Citi. 

CITI - From Courses to Campaigns Whitepaper (pdf)


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